Amare Safety  is a leading supplier of eye protection gear, protective clothing, head and face protection gear in the Australian market. Amare Safety also supplies various types of height safety products to its customers. All of the abovementioned products are sourced from some of the leading manufacturers in the world.

The eye protection range consists of various eye protection glasses. These eye protection glasses can shield the eyes of the user in a number of harsh environments like welding, when the user is working in extremely dusty environments or in environments with excessive heat. The eye protection range comes with a number of enhancements to make the experience of the user strain-free and pleasurable.

The protective clothing range from Amare Safety offers complete protection to the user from all types of possible hazards and these are available for a number of purposes like, welding coats, sleeves and aprons. Some of the other products available in the range are, aluminised clothing, fire turnout clothing and specialised gloves, Amare Safety also supplies reflective vests.

Amare Safety supplies welding helmets, brow guards, face-shields and safety caps for head and face protection.

The height safety range from Amare Safety includes various types of harness for a variety of applications. Amare Safety also supplies lanyards and rescue kits.