Amare Safety  is one among the leading suppliers of protective footwear and workwear and other personal safety equipment in the Australian market since 1985. Amare Safety is widely reported to be one of the leading suppliers of personal protective safety equipment in Australia. Amare Safety sources high quality protective footwear and workwear for its customers from some of the world’s popular producers of protective gear.

Amare Safety brings to the Australian market the latest innovations and quality products that are currently available in the world market. Amare Safety provides a wide range of products in the protective footwear segment for its customers.

Amare Safety has products for both men and women in its range. The Blundstone range of protective leather boots for both men and women come in a variety of shapes and sizes and most are water resistant. These protective footwear, meant for varied use, is made of dual density polyurethane soles making these boots extremely durable.

Also available from Amare Safety is the Oliver brand of general purpose high quality shoes, the Taipan range of protective footwear contains some quality fire fighting boots that are resistant to temperatures upto 300 degrees centigrade. Also available is the Tyvek coverall, for full body protection.

The workwear range consists of shorts for men and full sleeve and half sleeve shirts for both men and women. Overalls, protective socks, vests and jumpers are also available from Amare Safety.