GAS-CO2-002-CDR Infra-Red CO2 room controllers for continuous real time temperature, humidity, and CO2 monitoring, have been released by Gas Alarm Systems. Gas Alarm Systems is a division of Alvi Technologies .

The CO2 monitoring units feature a backlit colour display that switches depending on CO2 concentration. This signifies if the ventilation condition is optimal, moderate or poor.

The NDIR Infra-Red CO2 sensor inside makes the CO2 measurement unit more reliable and accurate. Additionally, the special self-calibration feature ensures that no service, maintenance or calibration is required by the user.

The CO2 room controllers can be set to operate automatically or manual ON/OFF of ventilation fan with a touch button.

The CO2 room controllers have a range of 0-2000 ppm CO2 and functions on 100-240 VAC power supply. 1 x control relay (standard) for controlling the fan, or with 1 x analogue output (4-20mA/0-10 V) can be supplied with the CO2 monitoring device.

Designed to be installed in churches, schools, universities, offices, buildings, and conference centres for monitoring of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and for fresh air fan control, the CO2 room controller can help to save energy, and obtain carbon credit with demand control ventilation (DCV).