Alvi Technologies offers gas detection systems that can help detect refrigerant gas leakage in closed environments.

Refrigerants are highly toxic and often very harmful to both humans and the environment. Alvi suggests the use of gas detection systems to detect and control the leakage of refrigerant gas.

Gas alarm systems can detect any refrigerant gas leak, protecting workers in the facility and also preventing damage to the refrigeration plant. These gas detection systems are widely used for leakage detection in dispensing systems, breweries, chill rooms, large cooling systems, cold storage houses and refrigerated containers.

For a typical large system, the controller manages several sensors via one or more bus lines. There is also a possibility to connect additional analogue transmitters to every bus knot and integrate them into the system. Bus extensions via repeater are possible at every point of the bus line.

External display panels and connection to a BMS system can also be incorporated and the alarm can be located centrally at the controller or at the transmitter I/O module.

Single gas monitoring systems measure leaking gas directly at the single point controller with an alarm. An external transmitter can additionally be connected and a remote display panel integrated if required.

Alvi can individually assemble the components of gas alarm systems to meet requirements for gas detection ranging from large facilities connected to a BMS system to single room monitoring systems.