Alvi Technologies presents the new MSR indoor air quality detector (IAQ) designed to detect CO2 and VOC content in buildings.

Based on modern bio-semi-conductor technology, Alvi’s MSR indoor air quality detector is a simple and cost-effective CO2 + VOC transmitter capable of detecting the CO2 + VOC content in the air. On detection, the transmitter emits a proportional, linear, analogue 0-10 V or digital RS 485/Modbus signal.

The high quality and low-maintenance transmitter also performs an automatic correction of the zero-point in the event there is improvement in the air quality. While normal CO2 values will not cause any problems in closed areas, VOC content in the air can result in eye irritation, headaches, feebleness, dizziness, diseases and even conditions such as the sick building syndrome.

The VOC transmitter detects air quality similar to human sensation, making it the perfect method to define air quality.

The VOC detector is designed for measuring and controlling the indoor air quality (VOC) and the temperature in offices or living spaces. It is also possible to control the indoor air quality with three sequences (heating, ventilation, cooling etc.). The VOC transmitter is suitable for almost all application areas.

The detector comes with several integrated options for measurement and regulation of temperature.

Specifications of MSR indoor air quality detectors:

Measuring range: 0 - 4000 ppm VOC; Internal automatic self-diagnostics with auto adjustment; Maintenance interval > 5 years; Analogue output (OUT 1) 0 - 10 V (0 - 4000 ppm VOC or control signal); Approved according to EN 61010-1; ANSI/UL 61010 1; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1

Options: Analogue output (OUT 2) 0 - 10 V (0 – 30°C); Thermometry active or passive (OEM temperature sensor); Two digital outputs; Temperature control with potentiometer; Digital interface RS 485 (ModBus), BacNet; Status LED; Operation mode switch (Eco – night – off etc.); Sequence control (max. three-level e.g. heating/ damper/ cooling)