Alvi Technologies announces the availability of a new sensor-based solution designed to increase the efficiency of building car parks and underground garages.

MSR Traffic presents an efficient traffic guidance system that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the availability of every single parking space and processes the information with a controller/central PC. The car park occupancy data is indicated on LED displays installed on every car park level as well as at the main entrance, guiding drivers towards the nearest available parking space.

In addition to reducing traffic and saving valuable time, the optimised parking utilisation system decreases ventilation costs. The detection and counting of inbound and outbound vehicles in indoor parking garages can be realised for whole areas or single levels with MSR Traffic systems.

The parking guidance system can also be visualised on a central PC and evaluated statistically. Due to the optimised usage of parking lots the operator can reduce ventilation cost. The MSR Traffic system can be integrated with the mandatory gas alarm.

Especially suited for multi-storey car parks and underground garages, the MSR traffic guidance system delivers several advantages including long lifespan, precise monitoring of all parking spaces; optimum car park utilisation; high detection accuracy; no additional maintenance costs; significant traffic reduction; decrease in ventilation costs; and sensor and status LED in one housing.