Gas Alarm System has launched MSR CO2 Sensor which can be duct mounted or wall mounted. MSR CO2 Sensor will continuously monitor for Carbon Dioxide in the range of 0-2000 ppm CO2 for demand control ventilation application.

A duct mount CO2 Transmitter can be mounted on the return air duct which will monitor for CO2 and control the fresh air intake so that at no time the concentration exceeds 1000 ppm in buildings.

Similarly, a wall mount CO2 Transmitter will monitor for CO2 in the range of 0-2000 ppm and will control ventilation fans at optimum 1000 ppm CO2 levels.

The MSR CO2 Sensor/Transmitter has gold-plated Infra-Red Sensor with Automatic Background calibration facility (ABC). Due to this advanced ABC feature the MSR CO2 sensor do not need any maintenance or periodic calibration. The sensor self calibrates itself based on the background CO2 levels.

The MSR CO2 Sensor will find wide application in meeting the new mandatory energy efficiency needs under BCA 2006 and can save 40-80% on energy costs in buildings. A typical installation could include cinema halls, conference rooms, shopping centres, offices (wherever there is a mass gathering of humans breathing out CO2)

MSR CO2 Sensor comes with the option of display, non-display or duct mount. Alternative, MSR CO2 Sensor can be ordered with integral relay for direct control of ventilation fans.

In addition MSR also has Stand Alone CO2 alarm, portable CO2 Alarm with higher detection ranges upto 0 – 10 % Vol CO2 including Cellar Alarm for CO2 monitoring in Cellars and Cool Rooms.