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    Alvi Technologies launches personal USB Health Gard CO2 monitors

    Alvi Technologies

    USB Health Gard CO2 monitors from Alvi Technologies feature new bio sensor technology, the same as used by BMW/Mercedes in their luxury cars for controlling the IAQ.

    The USB CO2 monitors, or gas detectors, have a range of 0 – 4000 ppm VOC/CO2 and a LED status light to alert the user; Green is OK, Yellow is warning, RED is high.

    A trend log with date/time is transferred via a PC. Software can be downloaded from msr website. These German manufactured CO2 monitors are reliable and provide are offer quality assurance to the user.

    Toxicity effects of CO2:

    • CO2 is produced by human breathing, products of combustion, plants and animals. Normal air has around 400 ppm CO2 (rising). CO2 is toxic at 5000 ppm (TWA) and ASHRAE / USA standard recommends the maximum CO2 in buildings should be 1000 ppm
    • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) is produced in buildings by carpets, curtains, cigarette smoke, cleaning products, paint, plater boards, wood lacquer, synthetic chemicals, cooking oils/fats, and burning.
    • Symptoms can include headache, tiredness, nausea, and a higher pulse rating. These are the same symptoms one can have in long flights, sitting in offices, cinema halls, and conference rooms.
    • Very Early Fire Detection: Electronic System in data-centres and telecom centres produce gas radicals when heated. This can be detected by the USB Health Gard CO2 monitor and thereby prevent catastrophic fires and break down
    • Hydrocarbons vapours

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