Alvi Technologies introduces a new range of retractable process fittings that provide variability and flexibility in application.

Retractable fittings, also described from a functional point of view as sensor lock gates, can be used in manual or pneumatic mode to remove and service a sensor under process conditions.

Based on the proven SensoGate modular design principle, the new WA 131 retractable fitting is ideal for applications that don’t require completely automated control but will still need superior SensoGate technology.

SensoGate’s WA 131 retractable fittings offer several benefits in process applications including affordable variability, optimal flexibility, easy retrofitting and unique functionality.

Affordable variability

The low priced WA131 models are recommended for applications that require the sensor to be easily removed on site for maintenance or replacement. Cleaning can be done directly at the sensor lock gate by hand or via remote control.

Optimal flexibility

The scalable design of the affordable SensoGate WA 131 retractable fittings meets the specific requirements of users. When placing an order, customers have to simply state the types of connections and functions required in the retractable fitting. Every design permits the sensor to be manually serviced or replaced during the process. The fitting adapts perfectly to the application and can even be adapted later to changed conditions.

Easy retrofitting

In the event the user requires another media connection, this can be very easily arranged by the simple replacement of the relevant module. SensoGate’s modular design allows a switch from metal to plastic or a switch to electrodes with a store of liquid electrolyte.

Unique functionality

The patented lock-gate function, i.e., the reliable shut-off to the process even during movement, is always active. This feature also applies to the hygienic version, which is unique in the world market for retractable fittings.

Key features of SensoGate WA 131 retractable fittings include compact, smooth and dirt-resistant design; completely modular design ensuring minimum maintenance costs and maximum flexibility; very simple replacement of gaskets due to divided calibration/cleaning chamber; increased service life and reduced seal wear; reduced costs through simple installation, operation and maintenance; protective rinsing of the seals for long service life; SensoLock for high safety operation; and integrated check valves and limit switches.

The SensoGate WA 131 retractable fittings enable fast and uncomplicated replacement of calibration chamber and immersion tube, and allow all maintenance to be performed on site. Standard sensor length of 225mm is provided even for large immersion depths, and multiple process connections are also available. The modular design allows specific replacement of process-wetted materials such as PEEK, PVDF, PP, 1.4571 and Hastelloy.