Alterm  offers premium damp proof courses that are suited to almost all types of building structures. Alterm damp proof course is a chemical free product that has been independently tested and proved to be effective by the respective accrediting authorities including the Australian Standard. It is a Marine grade aluminium product that performs two functions namely damp proof course and termite barrier.

Alterm damp proof course can easily accommodate the innovative architectural designs without compromising on the effectiveness of the system. Alterm also manufactures the parging glue which can attach the aluminium barrier of the damp proof course to building surfaces thereby making it act as a termite barrier too.

For the builders, Alterm offers ready visibility for inspection during the building construction. Alterm also provides customer warranty on is products and has a wide network of qualified installers who are well trained in the various fixing and penetration methods for Alterm’s products.

Alterm also manufactures and supplies one part silicone sealants in two varieties namely Alterm No More Solder and Alterm Termite grey. These silicone sealants are specially made for sealing applications on anodised aluminium coated steel products, galvanised iron, zincalume and rigid PVC. They also come with a mould inhibitor and can be used for sanitary applications.