Alterm  manufactures and supplies superior quality termite barriers and other termite proofing products. The main product of Alterm acts both as a termite barrier as well as a damp proof course. It is cost effective and gives complete freedom for creative architectural design.

Alterm termite barrier is a Marine grade product that has been tested successfully for durability and effectiveness. The termite barriers have been exposed to various types of termites and tested for their performance under extreme conditions. The cementitious parging material that attaches it to the building structure prevents even subterranean termites from gaining concealed access to the structure. The life expectancy of the termite barrier is not less than fifty years. It can also be used as an ant cap on brick piers and for joining ant caps on brick piers.

Alterm has a team of trained specialists and installers who are well aware of the different types and techniques involved in fixing and installing the termite barrier systems for different building structures.

Other termite proofing products from Alterm include termite resistant silicone tubes, termite resistant silicone sausages and sausage guns and aluminium colars. All installations of Alterm products produce maximum utilisation and minimal disruption to the building program.