Alterm  is a manufacturer and supplier of termite barrier systems and termite grouts that can be successfully installed in almost all types of building structures. Alterm Termite Grout is a premium product of Alterm that performs the dual functions of a termite barrier system as well as a damp proof course. It is economical and chemical free.

The termite barrier systems and termite grouts offered by Alterm can be incorporated into existing as well as new building structures and on the outside perimeter of cavity walls with least amount of disturbance to the construction process. They also act as ant caps and prevent the entry of subterranean termites. The termite grouts of Alterm can be fixed to the building structures with parging glues, cementitious parges or termite resistant silicone sealants which are manufactured by Alterm.

Alterm termite barrier grouts can also be used on buildings with typical rafting, infill footing and void slab construction. The termite barrier systems have been tested for extreme exposure conditions and results prove that adequate usage of parging material leads to maximum performance.

Alterm monitors the system installations for any breaching or bridging and offers continuous maintenance on a periodic basis.