Coolline misting systems from Alfresco Spaces Ltd installed at three outdoor dining and beer garden locations are generating happy reviews.

Toms Tavern, Hotel Allen and The Royal Hotel in Townsville, who have all installed these misting systems in their outdoor spaces, are more than happy with the results.

The outdoor areas have been benefiting from a 10 to 15-degree drop in temperature on hot summer days, generating extra revenue for the restaurants.

The specially designed misting systems feature a high pressure pump installed away from the areas, a supply line running to mist fans, all with anti-drip nozzles that introduce a super fine mist, which instantly evaporates to cool the air.

Being able to control the outdoor temperature over the hotter months has been a very profitable exercise. Feedback from customers has encouraged the trio to consider further installations.

Coolline is a world leader in misting systems. The company installed the first commercial mist system for cooling people at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Steve Wright of Coolline designed and installed the misting system to cool the athletes and spectators at the Games.

High summer temperatures are no longer a problem for outdoor hospitality providers with Coolline misting systems.

Key advantages of Coolline misting systems: 

  • Misting lines or misting fans absorb heat from the environment and reduce temperatures by as much as 15°C
  • Extremely cost-effective over reverse air-conditioning systems
  • Purchase and installation cost is half that of central refrigerated air-conditioning
  • Operation costs are a quarter that of refrigerated air
  • Power consumption is limited to the fan and water pump
  • Low maintenance system
  • Components and fittings precision-engineered and manufactured in the USA

Coolline mist systems are distributed by Alfresco Spaces Ltd in Australia.