Alfresco Spaces presents their range of portable misting fans for locations that air conditioners cannot be reached or used.

The portable misting fans are suited for outdoor locations, such as patios, outdoor living areas and outside restaurants. They are ideal for scenarios when temperature rises into the 30s and these outdoor locations become uncomfortable for many individuals.

The portable misting fans can help control the humidity and heat in these outdoor locations. They help create an environment that is comfortable, inhabitable and cools down individuals as well as equipment and other machineries.

The portable misting fans can also be used indoors and in working locations, such as warehouses, factories, greenhouses, wine barrels, lumber and paper storage.

They can also be used to keep livestock and pets cool during the heat season, which would help cows produce more milk, chickens to eat more and healthier and also help race horses to produce better results.

For the whole range of portable misting fans, from Alfresco Spaces, visit their website or call their contacts.