Specialists in outdoor heating, Alfresco Spaces are ready to heat up outdoor dining and entertainment areas this winter with their range of electric outdoor heaters.

Environmentally friendly with no CO2 emissions and no ultra-violet rays, Alfresco electric outdoor heaters are manufactured from 304 stainless steel with sealed quartz elements that make them maintenance free with no moving parts. This high quality manufacturing also allows the heaters to be used in coastal locations.

Reaching full capacity within 60 seconds, users have total control of the heat dispensed from these heaters thanks to regulatros, movement sensors, and the option to run one or two elements (dual element models).

Alfresco electric outdoor heaters also have very little heat behind the outside casing, which allows them to be mounted close to awnings, glass, and combustible materials. They can even be recessed into ceilings or verandas.

Other key features of Alfresco electric outdoor heaters include:

  • no open flame
  • elements rated for 6000 hours
  • reduced running costs
  • convert 90% of the energy into radiant heat
  • regulated heat output
  • odels range from 2 Kw to dual element 8 Kw capacity
  • radiant energy is only absorbed by people and solid objects
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor applications