During the summer months, industrial and manufacturing plants across Australia find the temperatures in their facilities reach excessive levels.

Large open workshops, warehouses and packing sheds are difficult to keep cool in summer and the risk of heat stress is high. Heat can adversely affect employees’ health noticeably reducing productivity, lowering morale and increasing staff turnover.

Alfresco Spaces Ltd design industrial cooling for mine sites, industrial facilities,warehouses and manufacturing plants. The range of mist line systems and mist fan systems can make huge improvements in the efficiency, safety and productivity of workers and in the workplace.

The Cloudburst Industrial Misting System is an efficient and effective way of cooling large spaces and provide a more comfortable and productive working environment for employees.

According to Alfresco Spaces, the misting system helps staff be more alert, efficient and productive. Cooler machines last longer and can produce more and businesses can benefit from a significant reduction of airborne dust within the area.

Key benefits and features of the Cloudburst Industrial Misting System:
  • Lower the temperature of your work area by up to 15ºC
  • Improve employee comfort and moral
  • Increase productivity of your workforce. Stop down time
  • Reduce the risk of heat stress
  • Support a safer work environment
  • Save on absenteeism and high turnover generated by physical discomfort and low employee morale
  • A well designed system provide a moisture free cool work environment
Furthermore, the misting machines are economical, reliable, energy efficient and have low water consumption. The Cloudburst Industrial Misting System is also suitable for residential applications.