Established in the year 1853, Alcock, Thomson & Taylor specialises in the manufacturing, repairing and refurbishing of billiard tables. It also offers cues and cases and various billiard related accessories. Alcock, Thomson & Taylor offers premium quality billiard tables which cater to a wide range of customers across the globe. The wide range of billiard tables from Alcock, Thomson & Taylor includes commercial tables, traditional tables and dual purpose tables. Dual purpose table consists of a combination of billiard as well as dining table. Alcock, Thomson & Taylor also offers a wide range of antique tables. Repair and maintenance of billiard table and related accessories are provided by Alcock, Thomson & Taylor.

Alcock, Thomson & Taylor has won many prizes in several exhibitions conducted in the UK, United States, New Zealand and Australia for its premium quality billiard equipment. Alcock, Thomson & Taylor processes a gamut of gold medals from various exhibitions including Victorian International Exhibition, Melbourne International Exhibition, New Zealand International Exhibition, Melbourne Centennial Exhibition and Queensland International Exhibition to name a few. Alcock, Thomson & Taylor has obtained silver medal from Philadelphia (USA) Exhibition, Philadelphia (USA) Exhibition, New Zealand International Exhibition and Melbourne Centennial Exhibition. Alcock, Thomson & Taylor has also obtained bronze medal from Dublin International Exhibition, Philadelphia Exhibition, Sydney International Exhibition and Adelaide Jubilee Exhibition.