Alcock, Thomson & Taylor  offers a wide range of billiard accessories which includes balls, cue accessories, rests & long gear, pocket accessories, cushion rubbers, cloth, cue stands, cue racks, dust covers, maintenance accessories, soccer tables, table tops, scoreboards, storage cabinets, dart boards and various books and videos on billiards.

Cue accessories from Alcock, Thomson & Taylor consist of cue towel, cue tip shapers, and personal chalk holder in leather, brass, steel and rubber. Rests & long gear includes cross rest head, spider rest head, long rest head, gooseneck rest head, extended spider rest head, cross rest handle and rest hooks. Pocket Accessories consists of pocket nets in cotton, linen & nylon, empire rail pockets, pocket leathers and pocket brackets.

The wide range of cue stands includes large revolving cue stand, circular cue stand, large static 16 hole cue stand, and corner cue stand. Dust covers range includes poly rayon dust covers with and without fringes in various colours, calico dust covers and waterproof dust covers. Maintenance accessories consist of pure bristle brush, velvet smoothing pad, electric billiard table iron and silk spot. Scoreboards like traditional 2 roller marking board, homestead marking board and cottage marking board.