Alcock, Thomson & Taylor  offers wide ranges of family billiard tables, commercial billiard tables, traditional billiard tables and dual purpose billiard tables.

Family billiard tables are available in various models including Charlton, Commonwealth, Premier, Designer and Ambassador to suit varying requirements. Charlton model billiard tables are made of furniture grade timbers to ensure high durability and reliability. Slip fitting moulded rubber cushions and Italian slate are used in the Commonwealth billiard tables. Alcock, Thomson & Taylor offers billiard equipment in various colours and finish to match user requirements. Designer model consists of fully moulded and mitre jointed framework to provide modern and stylish appearance.

Traditional billiard tables are available with traditional Alcock cushions, furniture grade timber and pocket opening cuts which are shaped to match international standards. Commercial billiard tables are available with separate cash box access and easy drawer access. Dual purpose billiard tables are a combination of both dining table and billiard equipment. These tables are engineered with classic mortice and tenon jointing and are ideal for snooker and pool.

Alcock, Thomson & Taylor also offers a range of antique billiard tables. These antique billiard tables are available as full size tables and smaller tables. Variety of billiard room equipment including combination chiffoniere, revolving cue stand, combination marking board and cue rack are available in the antique collections.