AKD Softwoods  is an integrated timber processing and plantation forestry company producing wide range of pine and timber products. AKD Softwoods is an Australian company with a processing capacity of 400,000 cubic meters of sawlog per annum. These swalogs are harvested from company owned 6000 hectares and remaining from the south-west region of Victoria.

AKD Softwoods was established in the year 1995 producing superior products from renewable and grown radiata pine. AKD Softwoods invests in leading optimisation and edge laser technology to create precision products meeting discerning customer demand. The new generation treatment process, glue lamination and finger jointing are the innovations of AKD Softwoods.

Apart from using the latest technologies to market and process the timber, AKD Softwoods also offers preservative treatment and contract kiln drying service to the customers to value add their products. The vision of the company is to become the world class processor and grower of softwood products in Australian and International markets.

AKD Softwoods aims at providing value products to customers and quality management systems. It protects the environmental values and commits to process innovation. AKD Softwoods constantly maintains a competitive market position.