The various products offered by AKD Softwoods include structural products, treated products and specialty products. The structural products include machine graded pine and visual graded pine. Machine graded pine can be used for house framing such as wall frames, roof trusses, post and beams.

The different sizes of machine graded pine offered by AKD Softwoods include 70 x 35mm, 90 x 35mm, 120 x 35mm, 140 x 35mm, 190 x 35mm, 70 x 45mm, 90 x 45mm, 120 x 45mm, 140 x 45mm, 190 x 45mm and 240 x 45mm. The various grades available are MGP 15, MGP 12, MGP 10, merch and industrial grades.

Visual graded pine from AKD Softwoods is available in F8, F7, F5, industrial grades and merch. The various finishes are dressed, rough sawn, arris edge and rougher head. Specialty products from AKD Softwoods are custom made furniture lining, flooring, components, special sizes, capping, handrail, crates, pallets and boxes.

The specialty products are made available in sizes requested by the customer and are optional by agreement. Standard, merch and run of mill are the different grades of specialty products. They are also available in finishes such as tongue and groove, rougher head, dressed and arris edge rebates.