The various products offered by AKD Softwoods include structural products, treated products and specialty products. The different varieties of treated products include termi-blue, ecowood-dry, losp-clear, CCA and tan E. AKD Softwoods’ timber treatment process is reliable and is proven for durability of timber against fungal, decay and insect attack.

Termi-blue from AKD Softwoods provides added insurance to builder, specifier and home owner that the integrity of building will not decrease by termite attack. The timbers are treated to H2F standard and complies preservative treated timber. Termi-blue is a termite resistant building material and uses light organic solvent preservative method to produce a dimensional and dry stable product.

The treatment process used in termi-blue incorporates synthetic pyremethod and light vegetable oil approved by Australian standards. This product can be used for dry interior non-structural and structural framing, wall frames, rafters, battens flooring, mouldings, roof trusses and other construction components.

Ecowood-dry is a durable outdoor timber used for domestic decking and other applications where direct human skin contact is involved. The light organic preservative ingredients include copper napthenate and synthetic pyrethroid insecticide permethrin. This timber is in distinct green colour and fades to honey brown colour over time.