Applied Infrared Sensing  proudly announces that Protech’s High Security and Military range sensors have been tested and approved by Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC).  

The recently introduced outdoor intrusion detection sensors from Protech USA are available from Applied Infrared Sensing.  

Protech’s sensors portfolio comprises of passive infrared intruder detectors and special microwave signal processing termed Stereo Doppler, which were specifically designed for high security military applications and recently made available in the commercial market.  

Protech’s dual sensors incorporate the unique single Stereo Doppler Microwave system combined with Dual Element Infrared Detector.  

A key advantage of Protech’s motion detection sensors is that they can work efficiently in outdoor environments.  

Protech’s outdoor motion detection sensors provide reliable outdoor volumetric protection even under severe environmental conditions.  

The detection parameters are adjustable to enable these sensors to offer greater overall detection capability for slow moving, fast moving or crawling intruders.  

False alarm immunity to animal and bird movement in the outdoor environment is facilitated by the Stereo Doppler technology.  

Protech’s outdoor motion sensors include the following solutions: 

  • Medium security applications such as ladder and tower protection
  • High security applications such as protection of strategic areas or assets
  • Explosion-proof sensors installed at petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, storage areas and various hazardous material processing facilities