A new range of multipurpose, high-definition infrared thermal imagers has been recently introduced by NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co. Ltd., to their InfRec family.  

Available from Applied Infrared Sensing , InfRec R300 infrared thermal imagers are designed for R&D, predictive and preventive maintenance as well as quality control among other applications.  

InfRec R300 infrared thermal imagers feature an advanced technology Japanese-made detector and offer superior performance characteristics such as temperature resolution of 0.05ºC, accuracy within ±1ºC and spatial resolution of 1.2mrad.  

Additionally, the infrared thermal imagers are available optionally in a higher temperature range along with optional lenses to meet different requirements in test and measurement applications.  

InfRec R300 displays reliable performance in R&D of electric components or machineries and biological objects, quality control at manufacturing plants, building inspection as well as preventive maintenance of power equipment and electric facilities.  

Key features of InfRec R300 infrared thermal imagers 

  • InfRec Analyzer NS9500PRO for R300 PC software for real-time recording, detailed data analysis and report creation
  • PC software also facilitates simultaneous video capturing of thermal/visible images into PC via USB and composite image display in real-time
  • Ergonomic casing design for easy, flexible handling and operation in the field:
    • 2 independent REC/FRZ keys on top and rear panel to help hold the camera and capture images in a comfortable position from any angle
    • Viewfinder is incorporated with luminous and tilting LCD monitor
    • Lightweight construction enables easier handling for longer operation  
  • Panoramic shooting function  
  • Thermal movie recording on SD card in fully radiometric format (10fps)  
  • 3.1-megapixel visible camera
  • Thermal/visible integrated images in composite/split-screen display
  • Auto focusing feature
  • Wired remote control unit

Sensors with advanced technology 

  • Resolution (NETD): 0.05ºC (at 30ºC)
  • Accuracy: ±1ºC
  • Spatial resolution (I.F.O.V.): 1.2mrad (Field of View: 22º x 17º)
  • Minimum focus distance: 10cm for determining accurate location of abnormalities and capturing small objects
  • Minimum detectable size: Approx. 120µm at 10cm distance (with standard lens)
  • Optional lenses: 2x telephoto, 0.5x wide angle and close-up
  • Optional high temperature range up to 2000ºC

Real-time data capturing and high work efficiency with PC

  • Simultaneous video capturing of thermal/visible images to PC via USB 2.0
  • InfRec Analyzer NS9500PRO for R300 software for analysing moving images
  • Thermal movie recording onto the camera
  • Saving JPEG in fully radiometric format enables users to review captured images on PC without special software

Design features for operational comfort

  • Handheld camera design for easy operation and high stability on a tripod or stand
  • Dual capturing keys support measurement in a comfortable position from any angle  
  • Wired remote controller comes as standard for improved operability on a tripod or camera stand

Useful functions for better operability

  • High-speed auto focusing and fully automatic temperature scaling simultaneously
  • 3.1 megapixel CMOS camera mounted
  • Thermal/visual composite and split-screen display functions allow users to identify objects of interest easily
  • LED light for pinpointing objects of interest
  • Laser pointer for identifying the point of interest easily
  • User-friendly GUIs and multilingual display

Recording and measuring functions 

  • Panoramic Shooting Function enables capture of multiple thermal images simultaneously, creating a panoramic image on the R300
  • Continuous digital zoom: x1 to x4
  • Measures temperature data as centre/max/min points, movable points (up to 10), line profile and average/max/min of ROI (Region of Interest: up to 5)
  • Multi-point emissivity correction and emissivity back calculation functions for better accuracy