Available from AIS (Applied Infrared Sensing) , the new NEC Avio InfReC R300Z infrared thermal imagers feature an integrated digital zoom lens and 16x magnification.  

The InfReC R300Z infrared thermal imaging cameras incorporate a 10-40mm optical zoom lens for easy viewing and capturing telephoto as well as wide-angle fully radiometric infrared images without changing lenses.  

The R300Z 16x magnification in the IR thermography cameras helps isolate and record target objects at great distances while allowing effortless, wide-angle scene capturing.  

Designed for predictive and preventive maintenance applications as well as monitoring and recording thermal profiles of power distribution networks and building/ civil engineering structures, the R300Z infrared thermal imaging cameras feature an ergonomic and lightweight design for easy handling. The operation is simplified thanks to the main controls positioned on the top and rear panels.  

The R300 Series of thermal scanners incorporates the Japan-made NEC detector with the latest technology to achieve high performance.  

Key features of InfReC R300Z infrared thermal imaging cameras:  

  • Yields a spatial resolution (I.F.O.V) of up to 0.59mrad, temperature resolution (NETD) of 0.06ºC (at 30ºC) and accuracy within ±2ºC
  • Designed ergonomically for easy handling and operation
  • 30% reduction of total camera weight compared to the previous model with similar lens capability
  • Viewfinder designed for in-the-field use when strong sunlight reduces the visibility of LCD screen
  • Built-in LED light and laser pointer help identify problematic areas even in dark environments
  • On-board thermal movie recording directly to SD card in a fully radiometric format at 10fps
  • PC software 'InfReC Analyzer NS9500PRO' supports real-time recording at 60fps via USB port
  • Software also supports camera control, detailed post-analysis and report creation