Airport Lighting Specialists  provides comprehensive services to the owners of aerodromes and operators by installing lights in runways and by manufacturing airport lighting equipment. The staffs of Airport Lighting Specialists possess extensive experience and technical training.

Airport Lighting Specialists provides input for large and small projects based on FAA, ICAO and MOS139 regulations. Apart from manufacturing a wide range of airport lighting equipment, it also stocks a huge selection of spares which are not available elsewhere.

The various products that are manufactured by Airport Lighting Specialists are precision approach path indicators, airport approach lighting, land and light short lighting systems, runway guard lights, airport taxiway lighting, portable emergency lighting, obstacle lighting and pilot actuated airport lighting control.

Apart from the above, Airport Lighting Specialists also offers accessories and spare parts relating to airport lighting namely constant current regulation, mains isolation transformers mounting pits, suppressor plates, air traffic control signal light guns, frangible couplings, TVASIS spares, joint kits, lampholders, lenses, HV marker plates, flashtubes, epoxy kits, windsocks, ‘O’ rings, filters, jigs for setting inset lights and many more.