Runway Lighting from Airport Lighting Specialists is available in five different types namely permanent airport lighting (PAL) with low/medium intensity edge light, permanent airport lighting with threshold/ end light, high intensity airport runway edge light, airport runway centerline/ touchdown zone light and inset airport runway edge light.

Permanent airport lighting is commonly found on Australian airstrips and it is developed by the joint venture of Artcraft Engineering and Department of Aviation. These lights are lightweight yet strong. The airbone articles cannot break or chip the PAL lights’ UV stabilised polycarbonate lenses. These lights can be manufactured in different configurations to suit a variety of different lamp types.

High intensity airport runway edge lights from Airport Lighting Specialists require no tool to re-lamp and the hinges are open for lamp access. These lights come in modular designs and are made of die-cast aluminium housing.

Airport runway touchdown zone light, also known as Switchhitter, can be used as a touchdown zone light. It is a bidirectional light, red in colour, with one piece casting giving long life. The beam orientation of these touchdown zone lights can easily be changed.