Airport Lighting Specialists  offers six varieties of airport approach lighting namely unidirectional airport inset approach light, sequentially flashing white unidirectional approach light, unidirectional elevated airport approach light, airport rotating beacon light, white flashing heliport or airport acquisition beacon light and airport runway threshold identification light.

The primary application of runway threshold identification light and runway end identification light is to identify the threshold of a runway. Each light consists of a control box and flash head co-mounted on a set of support legs. The runway threshold identification consists of two synchronised and unidirectional flashing lights. A flasher unit is placed at each side of the runway threshold.

Sequential flashing white unidirectional approach light consists of three intensity levels of solid state circuitry, with a modular design. These lights have safety interlocks which have extra long flashtube life for internal surge protection.

Unidirectional elevated airport approach lights from Airport Lighting Specialists can be used as a red runway light or as a green threshold light. These lights use low power consumption lamps and cast aluminium housing. The elevated lamp is easy to install and it mounts on a standard two inch pipe. Re-lamping can also be done easily without using any special tools.