AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP  specialises in distributing a wide range of industrial tools for companies involved in mining, construction and manufacturing. These include pneumatic tools, pumps, fans, heating equipment and vehicle safety products. Heating equipment include gas heaters in four models.

Kerosene and diesel gas heaters are available from AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP. These heaters and dryers are portable and are specially designed to provide an instant, reliable and efficient source of heat. They come with compact, robust and light weight design and are odourless with no fumes. Variable heat output options can be chosen and safety shutdown features are available in the event of a gas, flame or fan failure and overheating problems.

Range of fans available from AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP include pneumatic fans with multi blade options that are used for auxiliary ventilation in industrial and mining applications. Portable tube fans with carry handle and rubber mounting feet made of steel with optional heavy duty cables are also available from AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP.

Simple wall and pedestal fans with oscillating features are also provided by AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP. Venturi model of air movers from AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP are available in five sizes and utilise compressed air or steam as their power source. They also come in fibreglass configurations and can be used for venting hazardous areas due to the lack of moving parts.