AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP  supplies a range of industrial tools for construction, mining, local government and manufacturing industries. Over the last three decades, AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP have offered products with superior quality, great service and cost effective pricing. In addition to supplying products throughout Australia AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP also caters to international clients from New Zealand, Malaysia, Fiji, New Guinea and Indonesia.

The range of products from AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP include specialised hardware like submersible and industrial pumps, pneumatic construction equipment, mining and drilling equipment, hydraulic filters and elements and related tools and accessories. AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP offers products from top level manufacturers like AGB, Texas, Osha, Macdonald, Selwood, Schroeder, Ichikoh, Andrews, Brigade and Cincinnati.

AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP also distributes vehicle safety products like steep slope meters, safe curve speed indicators, reverse alarms (heavy and medium duty), camera boxes, fully integrated vehicle camera systems and vehicle lighting products. A range of ancillary products like compressor hoses, water hoses, pump oils, air tool oils and drilling consumables are also provided by AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP.

AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP also offers four models of portable heaters and dryers that are reliable, robust, light weight and odourless. They also come with safety shutdown features in case of a gas, flame or fan failure.