AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP  is a leading supplier of pneumatic tools for hiring, mining, construction and manufacturing industries. The range of pneumatic tools from AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP includes breakers, demopicks, scabblers, scalers, scarifiers, impact wrenches and drills. In addition, different configurations of picket post drivers, rammers, files, hacksaws, grinders, nibblers, shears, trimmers and hydro punchers are also offered by AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP.

Various types of sanders like belt sanders, dual action sanders, mine sanders, disc sanders, wet sanders and triangular pad sanders are also available from AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP. Squeeze style blow guns and tyre inflators as bar and dial style units are offered by AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP.

AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP also specialises in supplying various kinds of pumps for the manufacturing, mining and construction industries. They include SPP pumps, hydraulic pumps, centrifugal cutters, submersible pumps, puddle sucker pumps, pneumatic pumps and special fire fighting pumps.

In addition, AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP also distributes manual and auto configurations of submersible and trash pump models. Twelve volt pumps that are battery operated with no electrical outlet are also offered by AIRDRAULIC BIRCO GROUP. These are extensively used in basements, rooftops, boats and shallow flooded areas. All pumps are made of non corrosive and chemical resistant material and come with options for user customisation.