Airaway  offers two types of ventilation systems namely, vertical ventilation system and horizontal ventilation system. The vertical ventilation system includes Diversity system energy savings, Ravenscroft fire dampers, Whisper flex, fans, grilles and oval ducts.
This Diversity system energy savings is a fan control system which helps reduce fan noise and energy consumption. The maintenance and running costs are also reduced which helps in achieving maximum efficiency. These systems result in more than 60 percent savings when compared to traditional roof mounted exhaust fans.
Ravenscroft fire damper is a combined fire and balancing damper specially designed for installing the ventilation system through plasterboard walls. This fire damper includes a ceramic insulation blanket condensed with galvanised steel. Since inspection can be carried out easily, duct access panels are not required here. These dampers are also available in stainless steel.
WhisperFlex is useful to transfer air thus providing better acoustic benefits. WhisperFlex has woven material core which is coiled to a spiral spring for reducing noise. The oval ducts in the vertical systems provide flexibility for the mechanical ventilation systems. These ducts can be easily installed in slabs to ceiling areas.
It has a heavy duty nylon cable which ensures corrosion resistant installation.

Grilles from Airaway are suitable for laundry, bathroom and toilet applications. These grilles are manufactured according to international standards.