Airaway  also provides horizontal ventilation systems. These horizontal systems include Lorient fire dampers, PVC, WhisperFlex, fans and grilles. The Lorient fire dampers are designed in a way that it penetrates into fire walls and floors. These dampers do not have any moving parts and allows air to flow in both the directions.

The Lorient fire dampers are reliable and improve the overall efficiency of the system. Operational checks are not required for such dampers, rather, visual inspection is sufficient for this system's maintenance. These fire dampers are available in different sizes.
The horizontal ventilation system makes use of PVC as a ducting system. This PVC plastic duct provides flexibility similar to mechanical ventilation. The PVC system from Airaway is used in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and laundries. They can also be used in lobbies and garage areas. PVC plastic ducts are resistant to all kinds of corrosive attack in coastal areas. It also has a heavy duty nylon fixing system which ensures safe, clean and corrosion free installation.
This horizontal ventilation systems from Airaway prevent all kinds of air leakage and reduce noise level and energy consumption. Airaway also uses latest technology in-line fans for efficient operation. Airaway makes use of air tight systems which allows using smaller fans, thus reducing running costs and noise level.