Airaway  is known for providing eco friendly mechanical ventilation solutions. Airaway offers mechanical ventilation systems which are safe to the users and last for a long time. This ventilation system is usually less expensive when compared to the conventional galvanised systems.
These mechanical ventilation systems from Airaway are much easier to install and are considered to be very flexible to use. This ventilation system adopts latest technology such as Lorient intumescent fire dampers, Ravenscroft combined air balance and fire dampers.
Airaway is known for producing designs that integrate efficiently with other building services like sprinklers, air conditioning systems and plumbing. Airaway also have certified and trained engineers who are involved in the installation procedure.
Airaway offers two types of ventilation systems; horizontal ventilation system and vertical ventilation system. These ventilation systems provide various benefits including zero air loss because of the complete sealed air tight systems.

These ventilation systems also reduce the carbon dioxide emission and the use of electricity, thus reducing the use of black coal and oil. The vertical ventilation systems reduce the wastage of conditioned air. These mechanical ventilation systems benefit many users such as architects, builders, developers and occupiers. These ventilation systems also reduce operating costs and require no maintenance.