Air Design  is known for manufacturing air conditioning and fan coil equipment. Air Design offers a complete range of air movement products. Also included in the product line of Air Design are the Fantech fans and Q-Tech attenuators. These air movement products are tailored made to the customer's needs and are manufactured according to international standards.
Air Design also offers Modutherm, a modular air handling unit and Minitherm, which is a double skin air handling unit. Air Design offers chilled water fan coil units. These units consist of heaters, control valves and electronic control options. It also includes centrifugal fans which produce less noise.
Air Design offers fan coil units which are available in two series such as, PRMMH and SMH/SMV series. The PRMMH series is a premium fan coil unit suitable for plant room applications. These units are available in a horizontal configuration with belt drives and curved centrifugal fans. These units can be maintained and serviced easily. The fan coil units consist of insulated panels which have polyurethane foam and are skinned on both sides with metal sheets to provide strong panels.
These fan coil units are constructed with aluminium internal frames for providing high thermal performance. This minimises heat loss and eliminates condensation. The belt drives in these units are adjustable and can be easily removed when needed.
The SMH/SMV series from Air Design are suitable for all applications that require high performance fan coil units. These fan coil units are manufactured using galvabond sheet metals and polyethylene insulation foams. Centrifugal fans are available either with single or dual fan arrangement.