Air Design  offers Modutherm modular air handling units and Minitherm double skin air handling units as well. The modular air handling units are very flexible to use and different modules are available such as, fan modules, heat recovery coils, hot water coils and heat reclaim wheels to name a few.
The Modutherm range is available in different configurations such as vertical, horizontal and multizone respectively. They are also available in various height and width combinations to suit various customers’ needs.
Modutherm air handling unit from Air Design is available with thermajoint technolog, which provides thermal isolation between inner and outer sections of frame rails. This helps reduce condensation and heat loss. The Modutherm air handling units are designed with non hardening seals to provide air tight seals, which results in low leakage rate. It also consists of iron pulleys with taper lock brushes which aids in easy removal of belt drives.
The Minitherm series of air handling units from Air Design are available in vertical and horizontal configurations, which results in easy service and maintenance. These air handling units have insulated panels which are thermally isolated from each other using thermabreak technology. This prevents all kinds of leakage around the panels. It also consists of high quality heat transfer coils and adjustable drives.