Air Design  offers a range of Fantech fans including centrifugal fans, axial fans and silencer products. Air Design offers two types of axial fans namely fixed Pitch axial fans and adjustable pitch axial fans. The fixed pitch axial fans are available in different types and sizes. These axial fans are fitted with single phase motors. The adjustable pitch axial fans are fitted either to tube axial roof ventilators or square plates. The blades used in these type of axial fans are made of aluminium, plastic and glass reinforced nylon.
Air Design offers a range of centrifugal fans as well. These fans range from modern lightweight units to traditional heavy duty units, with single width or double width. Air Design also provides attenuators which are available in four types such as circular attenuators, sound bar attenuators, regular attenuators and cross talk attenuators.
Circular attenuators consist of a circular duct with internal acoustic absorption materials. These attenuators are usually fitted to a fan or ductwork. The circular attenuators are effective in reducing noise levels, while the sounds bar attenuators is a sheet metal louvre having certain acoustic properties. These are designed to reduce noise from plant rooms.
Rectangular attenuators consist of a rectangular sheet metal duct inclusive of internal acoustic splitters, which is fitted to a ductwork. Cross talk attenuators have a rectangular sheet metal duct inclusive of acoustic absorbing materials and an air transfer duct.