Agserv  started as a spraying and equipment wing of Geigy Australia. Currently Agserv is known for distributing weed, pest control chemicals and equipment. A range of pest control chemicals for termites, rodents and insects are available. Herbicides for industrial and general purpose weed control are also distributed.
Agserv distributes a wide range of pest control chemicals such as Aquastar, Abate, Biflex, Cislin, Deter and Reslin to name a few. Agserv offers Aquastar, which is used for the control of urban exterior and interior pests including subterranean termites. Another insecticide control product distributed is Termidor, which is used for protecting the structures from subterranean termites. It is also used for controlling termites around commercial and domestic structures.
Wasp Freeze offered by Agserv is an insecticide product manufactured by PCT. This product is useful in controlling wasps for commercial, industrial and domestic areas. Deter, an insecticide, is used to control ants, fleas, mosquitoes and silverfish.

Another product from Agserv is Reslin, which is used for residual control of bed bugs, flies and spiders. This is either applied as a coarse surface spray to affected areas or applied as a barrier line around infested areas.
Agserv offers Coopex residual insecticide, which is a wet powder residual spray used for controlling cockroaches, horseflies, bed bugs and mosquitoes. This product, which is applied as a coarse surface spray, is used in the storage and food preparation sites for residential and industrial areas.