Agserv  offers a range of sprayers such as B&G pressure sprayer, Baygon surface spray, Chapin sprayers, Gunjet spray guns and PY spray to name a few. The B&G pressure sprayers are used widely as a sprayer for pest control. It includes a 5 litre tank, 4 way multi jet nozzle and a stainless steel tank. B&G pressure sprayers have a solid brass fitting as well.
Baygon surface spray from Agserv is a residual type of spray for pest control including mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches and silverfish. This is applied at the infested areas and other hiding areas.

Chapin sprayers are industrial heavy duty poly sprayers which are more suitable for commercial applications. These sprayers are available in two models consisting of a polyethylene pump, braided hose, a pressure relief valve and a padded strap. This sprayer is ideal for concrete and carpet cleaning applications.
Gunjet spray guns, another spraying product from Agserv, is a robust, heavy duty spray gun useful for spraying blackberrys. This spray gun is available in various models and is ideal for professional contractors. Agserv also supplies PY spray which is a ready to use spray for pest control. It can be used for a range of insect pests in different situations and it is ideal for crack and crevice applications.