Agserv  is known for supplying spraying and chemical application equipment to pest and weed control industries. Some of the products distributed by Agserv include, Blast Jet which is suitable for heavy duty cleaning applications such as tractor and truck cleaning, cleaning in wineries and vineyards. This product has a high pressure chemical injection which provides 30 percent more cleaning power.
The Blast Jet Therm is a solid and reliable hot water cleaning machine suitable for transport yards and heavy duty applications such as tractors and trucks. This melts the grease, encrusted dirt and oil rapidly. Another equipment supplied by Agserv is the Cobra, which is designed for use in food handling and other sensitive areas.
Black Stripe moth trap from Agserv has four lures and patented stripes that increase the sensitivity of the trap. Another equipment from Agserv is the Daddi Long Legs, which is designed to prevent pigeons and large birds from landing in open areas such as air conditioning units, flat roofs and street lights. Daddi Long Legs is a thin stainless steel rod which rotates in the breeze and prevents the birds from landing in such places. Installation process of this product is quite simple.
Agserv supplies the Protecta LP which is a triangular shaped bait station fitted along walls and corners where rodents travel. This equipment locks automatically when closed and can be unlocked with a special two prong key.