The Cape Reed thatch from African Thatch is a natural product which offers summer coolness to the users. The African Cape Reed thatches maintains a daytime temperature, which is lower than the temperature maintained by polycarbonate sheeting, concrete tiles, clay, tins and other shade cloths.
A unique feature of African Cape Reed thatch is its high insulation property. These thatches have greater insulation properties because of the thickness and trapped air. This provides better warmth to the users when compared to sails, polycarbonate and shade cloths. 
The Cape Reed thatches from African Thatch provide good ultra violet protection and cooler shade properties. These thatches provide an aesthetic look to the asset and the customer can also choose thatches that match the existing house roofs such as slate, darker tiled or colour bond roofs.
Cape Reed thatches are very attractive and are considered environment friendly as they are manufactured from a renewable resource. Cape Reed thatches from African Thatch are supplied in the form of thatch tiles.
African Thatch offers a unique kit system for its customers which enables to save construction time and costs. Transportation of products also becomes easy. Kits are available in different sizes such as round, square and oval shapes.