Cape Reed thatches from African Thatch are widely used around the world. These thatches enhance the look of the outdoor living areas and also enable to create a resort like atmosphere.
Panels and tiles constructed from Cape Reed thatches are non shedding and rot resistant. These mildew materials are moulded into sturdy and robust frames for low maintenance and durability. These materials also protect from the temperamental and harsh weather climates. The material used for these thatches from African Thatch is reed, which is a replenishable and renewable resource. The binding strips used are flexible thus allowing the panels to bend and conform to roof lines. 
The Cape Reed thatches from African Thatch are available in various dimensions and designs to suit the varied needs and specifications of the customers. African Cape Reed thatches have better cooling properties when compared to other free standing roofing materials. The latter absorbs and allows heat to penetrate while the Cape Reed Thatches deflects heat and provides a comfortable and pleasant outdoor living experience.
Cape Reed thatches from African Thatch is a natural product which allows moisture and heat to escape because of its ability to breathe.