African Thatch  specialises in designing and installing a range of African thatch roofing systems for outdoor living areas. African Thatch has over 20 years of experience in outdoor architectural designs and the roofing systems from African Thatch can be used for pools, pergolas, spas and gazebos.
African Thatch roofing systems uses Cape Reed thatches which are supplied in the form of a thatch tile that can be clipped onto existing structures or custom designed frameworks. These frameworks are manufactured in pine wooden frames, galvanised powder coated steel or stained cedar. Thatchings can be easily attached to wooden structures such as verandah, gazebos and pergolas.
African Thatch roofing systems are ideal for use in dining restaurants, cafes, bars, golf courses, resort developments, playgrounds and theme parks. They are used in recreational areas, aviaries, extension and function areas as well.
The unique feature of these roofing systems is that, it provides coolness in summer and warmth during winter. It lasts for a long time and is wind tolerant and has resilience to cyclonic winds as well. The roofing systems can thus be used during varied weather conditions.
The African thatch roofing system suffers less heat loss and avoids dripping with heated spas and pools. This roofing system is manufactured with maximum heat reduction.