With an experience in the waste management industry for over 10 years, Adobe Loos & Worms is involved in offering waterless compositing toilets, warm farms and re-use systems to its customers. Adobe Loos & Worms are the agents of Sun Mar, EcoLet, Clivus, Multrum and Nature Loo. Adobe Loos & Worms is also engaged in the design of gray water and re-use systems, which are used to recycle water from kitchens, laundry and bathrooms.

Adobe Loos & Worms supplies products from Sun Mar Excel, a Canadian manufacturer of waterless toilets Adobe Loos & Worms supplies Sun Mar self contained toilets, which has been designed to enable the installation of built-in compositing chamber beneath the bathroom floors for homes built on concrete slabs.

The Sun Mar Excel toilets supplied by Adobe Loos & Worms come with a chamber processing system with its exterior is made of fiberglass. These toilets are taller than the conventional toilets and also have an optional step. This toilet is designed in such a way that it enables complete aeration. The Sun Mar Excel toilets from Adobe Loos & Worms is available in many configurations including regular, high capacity, electric and non electric.