Adobe Loos & Worms  is the agent of Nature Loo, which aims to provide cost-effective and environment friendly wastewater management solutions. Natute Loo toilets offered by Adobe Loos & Worms is available as a split level system and as a stand alone single unit. The customers can choose according to their requirements.

The designs offered by Nature Loo can be used for both traditional and modern bathrooms. Nature Loo grey water systems offered by Adobe Loos & Worms require minimum maintenance and this system can also easily filter the waste water.

Adobe Loos & Worms supplies Nature Loo compositing toilet systems which can be used for full time purposes in extensions and homes and for part time purposes in sheds, workshops, weekenders and pool gazebos. It can also be used in boats and mobile houses.

Adobe Loos & Worms also supplies Nature Loo composite toilet accessories such as nature flush enzymes and pedestals. The pedestals are made of fiberglass or ceramics and customers can choose the style according to individual requirement.

Adobe Loos & Worms offers worm products that can be used to recycle the waste without much fuss or smell. Worm Juice, which is a good source of nitrogen fixing bacteria, is offered by Adobe Loos & Worms. This is rich in various minerals and nutrients and starts its work in the soil soon after its application.