Adobe Loos & Worms  offers EcoLet waterless toilets. These toilets from Adobe Loos & Worms is easy to install and is available in four different models. Constructed from ABS plastic and non corroding metals, EcoLet waterless toilets from Adobe Loos & Worms are durable and easy to clean. EcoLet automatic, one of the models supplied by Adobe Loos & Worms comes with a fully automatic mixing mechanism.

The NE model offered by Adobe Loos & Worms is designed for use in remote areas and it has two exchangeable compositing bins. The EcoLet waterless toilets from Adobe Loos & Worms requires no watering and it also helps in reducing odour.

Adobe Loos & Worms offers liquid enzymes which not only help in eliminating odour, but also acts as a initiator and catalyst in chemical reactions. The liquid enzymes from Adobe Loos & Worms can be used to clean pedestals and in gardens.

Adobe Loos & Worms offers GreyWater re-use system which can be used for compositing toilets installed after getting an approval by the council. Adobe Loos & Worms is engaged in the supply of a package of waterless toilets as per the advice offered by the guide in the council.

As an agent of Clivus Multrum, Adode Loos & Worms offers odourless and waterless toilet treatment systems which can be used in environmental education centers, domestic households, tourist lodges, resorts, national parks and other such areas. The waterless toilet treatment system from Clivus Multrum offered by Adobe Loos & Worms is based on simple organic decomposition which is the traditional principle of nature.