Adaptive Components  sources high quality products including cabinet fans and blowers, software and interfaces, LED message displays, intelligent transportation systems, interface devices, latching relays and timers, portable road informations and data communication equipment from leading manufacturers.

Adaptive Components is a supplier of alpha-software, message displays and interface devices, Comair Rotron-cabinet fans, EV Alert workplace proximity warning systems, Gerard Mang-latching relays and timers and M-System-signal conditioners.

Adaptive Components offers Alpha Eclipse Excite Series Outdoor LED Display which is an embedded PC with ethernet connectivity having an alphamation graphic library. It aids in providing outdoor advertising experience and also has a high-resolution video impact which provides latest technology and provides digital designs.

Adaptive Components offers an entire gamut of products which is used for industrial automation, transportation, material handling, safety, gaming or lottery, employee communication and in theatres, hotels, hospitality industry and call centres.

Adaptive Components also offers intelligent transportation systems which provides airport and transit facilities to facilitate communication and computer programmed displays. It is a cost effective and easy method to update information systems.