Adaptive Components  offers workplace proximity warning systems, signal conditioners, forklift safety warning systems and latching relays and timers.

Adaptive Components offers an entire gamut of signal conditioners including limit alarms, power transducers, panel meters, auxiliary components, position sensors and final control elements.

The various types of indicators supplied by Adaptive Components includes digital panel meters, bargraph indicators and field indicators. It provides signal line use panel meter that protects transmittors and sensors from lightening surges.

The other accessories offered by Adaptive Components include wiring bridge, single mount adaptors, water tight outdoor casing and loop disconnect fuse.

Adaptive Components also supplies modular devices including impulse relays, time switches, control switches and contractors. The lighting equipment offered by Adaptive Components are lampholders, edison lampholders, wall switches, cord switches and plugs.

Adaptive Components also offers a variety of forklift safety warning products including forklift trucks and mobile plant systems, radio based hazard warning systems and road safety network. The products provided for worplace safety are cars, forklifts, mobile plant trucks, fixed hazard buses, cranes trains, mining equipment low bridges and emergency vehicles.