Adaptive Components  is a supplier of theatre communication system which can directly get connected to box office software and real time information. It also aids in co-ordinating customer movement and communication in the entire theatre.

The advantage of theatre communication system is that, it can create, edit and show schedules, load daily show schedule, provide online help and provide multi user security level access.

Adaptive Components supplies fans, AC, blowers, cabinet blowers and BLDC motors. The markets where fans, cabinet blowers and AC are supplied include industrial, medical, computer peripheral and office equipment.

The outdoor LED displays offered by Adaptive Components aids in providing an affordable way to communicate community news and promotional programs to the target audience. It also provides messaging software used to compose and send messages to electronic signs.

Adaptive Components supplies BetaBrite Prism software which creates, stores, edits and previews messages from PC for full colour display. The BetaBrite standard messaging software is user friendly and simple to use.

Adaptive Components offers visual workplace solutions which help in reducing production costs and saves time by resolving the problems quickly. The industrial display offered by Adaptive Components include graphical LED displays and embedded displays.