The vibration analysers available from Acu-Vib Electronics include accelerometers and sensors, graphical solutions, vibration analyser, real time-acquisition, multi-channel systems, periodical monitoring, ground and building vibration and piezoelectric sensors to name a few.

Acu-Vib Electronicsalso distributes a wide range of digital instruments manufactured by Lutron. The digital instruments include anemometers, clamp meters, force gauges, motor testers, electronic balances, humidity sensors, lux meters, milliohm meters, panel meters, proximity sensors, PH meters, multimeters, tachometers and thermometers.

Acu-Vib Electronics also distributes VIBCON machine monitoring diagnostic system which measures the vibration in rotating machines. This vibration analyser machine is user-friendly, economical and easy to install.

Acu-Vib Electronics also supplies Tecknekon portable recorder and analyser, which analyses, controls and measures internal vibrations for internal rotating parts of machinery.

Acu-Vib Electronics also offers microscopes, measurement hardware and software manufactured by BSWA technology. The wide array of microphones supplied by Acu-Vib Electronics include microphone conditioning unit, study microphones, electrostatic acuator and power calibator. The measurement hardware products include data acquisition hardware, impedance tubes, tapping machines, anechoic test box and power amplifiers.